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Who is Klaira Blains?

There's always a story with me. Or at least that's been what I've heard over the years.  I've written it down in fantasy form but this is the first time I've shared it with the world. Because of the great response to my first full-length novel, I've decided to continue to share it all.  I hope you're enjoying it all.

Who I really am? Just call me Klaira for now.  I answer to a lot of names. Why? I'm a Mother, Wife, Gamer and Interior Decorator. I've been a Computer Programmer and a Live Action Role Player in various games.

I am married, and I have a son.  My husband though blind is my research and continuity specialist.  

With a love of reading and an imagination that just won't end. I hope in the years to come to entertain you with adventures into the daily lives of the Supernatural Creatures living down the street from you.




Meet The Creative Crew


Ben Coote

My son, Ben and inspiration for Evan Wolversen. He loves to add his two cents worth into all the plans. Who knows maybe he'll follow Mom into writing?


George Coote

My husband and partner in crime and marriage. He's the one that researches everything and helps walk me through the tough scenes.


Tom the Tomcat

Inspiration for Felix the Cat in a Stitch in Time and schedule minder for breaks, meal times, wake up calls and bedtime routines of all our Crew.

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