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A Black River Pack Series Blog Post - February 2023

I hope my readers are having a better time of it than I am. It's come to my attention, even though I have been very honest with you, that I have been extremely ill for several months with one thing or another. Currently, I have an ear infection that keeps sending me to the emergency ward because it's not responding to the medications, they keep giving me. Though it would have helped if they didn't give me a medication I'm allergic to. After I tell them I'm allergic to that specific medication. But with that corrected I believe I still have the infection. I still can't stand or sit for long and I hear nothing in my right ear.

You can understand when a reader starts leaving public comments on all my novels, complaining that I am not writing the books that I said I was putting on hold until I have to catch up on other books. It's rather insulting and embarrassing reading them while I'm lying on a bed in the emergency ward after I have left numerous public messages telling this reader why and when I will get back to that particular book. I'm not a miracle worker. I have contracts to complete and my publisher wants me to add novels to their contests (Contests I never win.) So yes, there are new novels coming out before the novels are finished. Because it's all part of marketing.

The three novels pictured above are the ones I am actively working on. When one of those is finished, I will return to writing The Rogue & the Rose. After the next one is completed, I will return to Ebony's Pack: Fated to the Ranger Wolves.

I hate leaving things unfinished, but when I need assistance to get to the room next to my bedroom from my blind husband. I think I can safely say I'm sick and down for the count. Yet, I am still writing one thousand to five thousand words a day.

This is more than many authors do in a day. It's difficult, but the way they lay my contracts out is. I get a bonus if I can publish fifty thousand words a month on a single book. But only on a single book a month. I could do more and am doing more than that each month and I see no further bonuses until I finish a novel.

I had hoped to have Wolf's Den Bar and Grill finished before the end of 2022, but now it's halfway through February 2023. That's how badly I planned things. But who plans to be ill like this? I've lost about thirty pounds from this and most of my life is on hold.

Now I'm not excusing the fact that I ended up with too much on my plate and I'm not saying that the books are abandoned, they aren't. I have plans to finish them. But I can't do that at the expense of publishing new novels. It's how the serialized business goes, I'm afraid.

Do I have any new novels in the works? Yes, I do. But because I've been ill, I can't get them out there because I'm not happy with the plots or the concepts just yet. Things aren't quite there yet, and I've not been able to get to them to work out the kinks in them...and I'm not talking about the steamy scenes those are fine.

Now add in we celebrated Yule this year which ended Jan 3rd. and my publishers celebrate the Lunar New Year which ended late in Jan. George and I celebrated (in the emergency ward of all places) our 24th wedding anniversary. So yeah, I get to have the plot handed to me by reality. Now reality can really keep the cartoon hammer to itself. Note: Not the first time we spent an anniversary in the ER, either. But we're fine about it now.

So, it looks like my new novel will divert from the Canadian Werewolves. It's just a break from them and I have lots of werewolf content coming later. It won't be mafia based, but it will show the darker side of the billionaires in Canadian Wine Country. Most people don't know about the sorted history of the illegal trade around liquor trade in Canadian History. So, I thought it would be interesting to poke around and see what happened to the descendants of the rumrunners and gin makers of the day.

Of course, when In the Chains of the Alpha is complete, I will start book three of the Big City wolves. You'll get to see what really happened to April the Beta from Taming the Alpha Twins and how she ended up pregnant.

So, please keep me in mind as I try to recover my work for the coming year and my health. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please leave me a message through any of my social media. I will respond. Just not multiple times to the same person about the same thing every day for weeks on end. I'm tired but will continue to work. Promise.




World Building Content:

This month I'm going to give away a few things about the religion in the Black River Pack World.

First the shifters respect more than worship the Moon Goddess. Rionann. She goes by other names as well depending on the language the people speak within the region. So please don't come at me and say I'm spelling it wrong. Rhiannan, Rhiannon are also spellings found in different writings on this goddess.

There are other gods and religions just like there is in the real world. But please dear reader understand my supernatural creatures most likely aren't Christian. They believe in a muli-god pantheon and depending one where they come from that pantheon may change.

As you read through my novels there are hints and scenes where something isn't quite right with the Moon Goddess. She seems to have been limited or even possibly enslaved. As yet we don't know by who. But it is clear soon after the Lycan appear and the general human population become aware of the supernatural creatures that she's in trouble but she's not giving up. The Moon Goddess isn't playing games with matchmaking. She's playing the long game. But to what end? That's where this story is going.

We know that the Moon Goddess is the one that took control of the Dream Realm when the Fae left this realm and the supernatural creatures were freed from their bondage to the Fae. But were they truly freed? Some writings claim that the Moon Goddess may in fact be the Queen of the Fae herself. What made her break off from her people? Are the supernatural creatures still enslaved to the Fae through her? Is her motherly act just that's an act? All things in due time.

You will note that there are several holidays mentioned with my books. They are actual holidays and I do try to mention how they are observed. But like the names of the gods and goddesses how these holidays are observed vary from location to location and may change over time as well. So, if you want to understand more I welcome discussion and ask you to do your own research.

I won't try to shoehorn religion down your throats. I am using it to show why these creatures are different and varied. You can't expect a Hawaiian Shark Shifter to worship the same gods as a panther shifter from Brazil. So bear that in mind as I write.

If you got this far, thank you so much and I hope to get better soon. I really want to get back to writing properly again.

World Building Coming in March 2023

I'll explore the communities, ranks, and such of different shifter types. If I have time I may try to add in other supernatural creatures like mages/druids/more.

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