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A Black River Pack Series Blog Post March 2023

March's Update

Okay, better late than never. This month has been a busy one. From people complaining I'm slacking on things, my GoodNovel contact changing (if my old editor sees this. We all miss you. Several other authors have told me.), finishing not one but two novels (Wolf's Den Bar & Grill / In the Chains of the Alpha), starting a long-awaited novel (Passions Rising: A Forbidden Vampiric Love Story), beta reading for another author, being interviewed for a survey about an editing software I use, and life in general.

On the COVID hold pile I still have The Rogue & The Rose and Ebony's Pack: Fated to her Ranger Wolves to finish.

So, here's April's writing schedule:

  • 50k+ words for Wolves at the Lycan's Door (Look for this story to complete April/May 2023)

  • 30k+ words for The Rogue & The Rose (Look for this story to end May/June 2023)

  • 50k+ words for Passions Rising: A Forbidden Vampiric Love Story (Look for this story to end July/August 2023)

  • I am working on contracting a new novel for later in the month with a reveal in April's blog post.

New Novel for March 2023

Now that I've mentioned Passions Rising: A Forbidden Vampiric Love Story. I guess I should introduce it to you. Oops!

As it reads this is a story of a couple of Vampires from A Black River Pack Series World.

These aren't the ravening dead of the movies. They are a little more complicated. I hope people won't be too disappointed as time goes on and the cracks begin to show the differences. But here's the story.

In ewe meet a very tall tough looking vampire ambassador who loves to hug people when she greets them. She loves combat boots and tactical gear to velvet and lace. We also meet her exhausted head of security. This is Adriana and George's story from when they first met right up to the chaos that rocked the Vampiric Empire. With court intrigue, lies, betrayal, murder, and blood traitors. The laws are against their every instinct, just like most of the court. Someone's out to end the ambassador even before the North American Ruling Council for the Supernatural Community can sit for the first time. So, between wanting to taste his charge in several different ways for which he could be killed, he's got to be with her all the time. Adriana believes she's too far down the line from the Emperor's throne that no one even knows her name. But now that her father the Emperor has banished her from his court and appointed her the first ambassador to NARC nineteen-year-old Ana is a little out of her element. This story starts as a slow burn, but it will ignite very soon as Ana's world changes around her.

Worldbuilding for A Black River Pack Series

One thing you'll notice about my wolves is they know who is who and no one is pitiful, put down, or abused in a healthy pack. Unhealthy packs don't survive, that is the truth of it all.

If a pack treats one of their own badly then you'll have other pack members wondering if it could happen to them. Family is an important thing for my shifters and what family would let a member get abused? These are the reasons I have arranged my packs as I have.


A pack is a close-knit community. Imagine a small town where most of the residents are related in one way or another. Everyone is in each other's pocket, and they all know your business.

The wolf and the human aren't separate people. They have two forms, not two souls. So, I'm sorry if you're looking for an argument between the wolf and the human form it won't be in my books. Also, there is no telepathy between shifters. So, if they are in wolf form, they do a form of pantomime or make a sound response. A wolf can roll their eyes.

An Alpha/Luna/Alpha Couple

  • are both equal leaders.

  • There's no reason why there can't be just a Luna or just an Alpha, but it's a lot of work for one person alone though

  • The Moon Goddess and Fate rarely plan it that way.

  • The titles are masculine and feminine but...

  • In ancient society, there was a third sexual orientation (I will introduce this once I am comfortable with my research. Literally, I'm looking for the names, descriptions, how society saw them, etc)

Can a mate be rejected? Yes.

Can an Alpha couple break up? Yes.

Cheat? It rarely happens, but yes. People do stupid things.


So, we have Alpha and Luna at the top.

  • They lead the pack.

  • Traditionally but not set in stone the Alpha handles security and business outside of the pack

  • the Luna handles the business within the pack/events/personal member needs/repairs inside the territory/wellbeing of all members

With a Beta, Beta couple, or multiple Betas to assist.

  • Depending on the size of the pack, the political environment, the number of territories, and things like that cause the number of Beta positions to fluctuate.

  • They help inside and outside the pack

  • Administrators and Personal assistants for the alpha couple

Then there are Deltas.

  • This rank answers to all those mentioned above.

  • They run things like security, enforcers, Armoury, and things like that.

  • Think middle management with teeth and claws

Gammas are the enforcers.

  • They are the guards, police, and soldiers.

  • The title of Gamma has fallen out of fashion, and they are called Enforcers

Council of Elders

  • These are often retired members of the leadership ranks

  • Their purpose is to advise the Alpha Couple.

  • In many cases, this can lead to members of the council of elders attempting to lead the pack through the Alpha Couple.


  • A blend of medical doctor meets veterinarian crossed with a magic user.

  • Most healers choose a specialty in one of the three

  • Most work as a team

  • The magic is often from one of two schools Druid or Mage however these are not the only schools of magic, just the most common.

  • Shifters who have the ability to heal magically often find a Druid or mage within their family tree

Den Mother

  • This is the poor person (male or female) again an old term that doesn't stand the test of time (the First Lycan Pack has a Den Dude named Axel)

  • They assist the Alpha couple by maintaining and running the packhouse.

  • Manage order within the packhouse

  • Schedule cleaning/maintenance

  • Laundry is a nightmare in a pack (Some packs have it everywhere. A hazard of shifting, pups, and unexpected getaways.)

  • The kitchen is their domain and a comment about the food may just get your butt punted from the packhouse until an apology is given

There are other names for this type of community depending on the species of the shifter. They are all different, and they are run differently as well. In time I'll explain other communities.

April's world building I'll give an overview of the different supernatural creatures that exist and how they are in A Black River Pack Series World.

That's all for now.

Hope this made things a little more interesting for you, dear reader.

Until next month.



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