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A Black River Pack Series Blog Post - Jan 2023

It's happened again. After a serious illness, I've found myself with inspiration for another novel. Meet novel number 15.

In the Chains of the Alpha is Book 2 in the Stand-Alone Series, Big City Wolves.

This time these Canadian Wolves have taken to living in the big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dear readers, you'll get a very spicy view of their world as they deal with far too much

In this novel, he gives you a private members' club where alcohol, gambling, and kinky encounters are all on the menu. Stolen money, blackmail, and the chains of a submissive. Attempted murder and a smoking hot Alpha Dom who owns the private members' club called, "The Wild Wolf".

Will you have the courage to find out how daring this Alpha Calvin Nichols is when the little wolf named Tara Danvers is caught cheating. Will he abandon his rules for domination when he figures out Tara is his mate after someone tries to frame his people for her murder? Attempted murder, that is.

Book 1 My CEO Alpha is almost finished. I hope to have it done by the end of November 2022.

There's so much going on. I hope you will continue to love this unique take on wolf shifters and their supernatural friends and colleagues.

The month of December sees my novel updates paused on three novels. Wolf's Den Bar and Grill, The Rogue & the Rose, and Ebony's Pack: Fated to the Ranger Wolves.

He learned you can December. I will return to writing Wolf's Den Bar and Grill, hoping to finish it before the New Year. Those failed folks. I apologize for too much on my plate and complications from all things allergies in winter??!! Global warming makes it difficult for me to figure out how to plan. Add in GoodNovel has been too good for me. My workload is high, and I'm still a mom. My son had his own medical scare. He learned you could cut your toenails wrong. After several trips to a specialist and a little surgery, he's fine again. But folks... the DRAMA!

I will not add another new novel to my writing until after the New Year. Okay, that's what I planned. What GoodNovel decided on was something different. Introducing in December 2022 a month early.

Wolves at the Lycan Door

This novel is based in the Black River Pack World.

This story follows the aftermath of a found wolf shifter, Kiera Samuels, after she's found. Found? She was a shifter kidnapped and experimented on in by Hectric in Wolf's Den Bar and Grill. Now they say she's not a wolf shifter, and she's not a human. No one is even sure she's a shifter anymore. Why? She can shift into three different forms. The humans of Hectric made a werewolf, a real werewolf. But they call it a Lycan. What can she turn into? A human, of course, and not any old wolf, a dire wolf. A long-extinct wolf from the dawn of time. Her third form is a horrific mash-up of the two. She's a walking movie monster. Fear runs high because no one knows the facts about Lycan, and they are listening to rumors.

Add in black market illegal magic reagents which include shifter and Lycan blood. People are dying and no one knows who's behind it.

Land disputes between rival packs. Insolation and bullying, Kiera leaves her birth pack to live on the land between the two packs. Both alphas are well known to Kiera and their pains in her backside over the years. Using her among others to compete with each other for dominance. She walked away; no one would come to save her. So, if she's going to be saved, she's going to have to do it herself.

No one knows why the two alphas are acting out of character. But when the new alpha of her birth pack Dean Jonas. A wolf she knew too well and one of her tormentors insists she's his fated mate. It's time to run. When Dean's rival captures Dean's sister, James Duncan, it comes to light that they can't take her back without hurting her because she's not mated to James. How will this affect the uneasy truce between the two alphas? What about the disputed land?

Both packs want Kiera in their midst, sort of. The Alphas want her, for different reasons. The packs themselves? That's a little different. So how will it all play out? Can Dean get Kiera to accept him? Can Kiera forgive Dean for past actions? Why is James so insistent to have Kiera join her pack? Dean's sister is Kiera's best friend. What will Kiera do in the end? How will things end for the four?

Black River Pack Series World Building

I've had so many great questions from you, my readers.

One of which is whether I will ever publish an LGBTQIA+ story.

I have ideas for a few, however, GoodNovel didn't okay the stories yet. The reason given was that the main characters were mages and not werewolves. We'll see later if I can adjust the story to their liking. That's yet another thing I'll be looking into during 2023.

Yes, my world shows the complications of being a supernatural creature and no it's not always pretty. They aren't superheroes and not everyone has the ego that goes with the beauty. Beauty isn't always nice or pretty. Ugly isn't always bad or a failing.

Fear, traditions, and hatred are affecting everything, and chaos reigns. So, what chance do good intentions and honorable actions have to prevail?

New Writing Direction for 2023, Where would you like to see me go?

  • Kinky Twisted Billionaire Romance

  • Steamy Mafia Romance

  • Secret Rockstar Meets Record Mogul Romance

  • Academia Romance (Teachers)

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