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The Work of Klaira Blains

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My work started as a dare, and then my imagination got away from me. I hope you enjoy it as much as many others have.  My crew and I are working hard to provide you with a little more perspective into the secret supernatural world.

Be one of the first to know what new by joining my mailing list. As I've become a Gem Novelist writing Exclusively for the serialized ebook app GoodNovel. Don't forget to like, comment, and add a gem or two to the novel you read. Every little bit helps. Requests, tips, and comments are welcome on any of my social media. If you'd prefer to privately message me. I do respond. I hope you enjoy a little spice with your Canadian Werewolves.

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Hello dear reader.
If you are here, you've probably stumbled upon something about my novels. Welcome. Please understand, I write Dark Fantasy Romance, mostly about werewolves. My books are not necessarily the traditional faire. I started out doing this as a dare and now write for a serial reading app called GoodNovel. A few of my novels appear on other serial reading apps, but in August 2021 I signed on to exclusively write for GoodNovel's parent company. So feel confident if you are reading my novels on MegaNovel or Beunovela then you are not reading a pirated copy of my novels. If you are a gamer who likes world of darkness, you may feel certain vibes from my novels as I have played white wolf games for decades now. But these are NOT fan fiction. You will not find any clans, packs, or their system in my books.

You will notice my novels are gone from this page. Since, this appears to have become a full-time thing and my novels are adding up. I have created a new page called "Klaira's Bookshelf"... I played around with the idea of naming it "Klaira's Insanity on Display" but... that might offend someone. I've got so many things going on right now. That it's difficult to keep these pages updated properly. I will continue to add where to my books as I discover them. These serialized reading app platforms often have secondary platforms and share novels between them. We get paid, but we don't always know they are published on the apps.

My third novel (Serving the Alpha at His Whim) is now worldwide through Kindle in e-book (4 book series) or a single paperback. His Brother's Mate and A Bear's Mirrored Romance are in E-Book Format on Kobo. If you see my novels there or on Google E-Books they are not pirated either. GoodNovel is now acting as agent and director of a wider distribution of my novels. 

It's been a year and a half since I started this as a dare. I promise you, dear reader, I will continue to ride this wild ride as long as you're with me.



Wolf Shifter & Supernatural



1) His Brother's Mate

2) Hell Hounds

3) Serving the Alpha at His Whim

4) Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast (Fantasy Not Shifter Romance)

5) A Bear's Mirrored Romance(Shifter Romance, Not Connected to the Black River Pack World)

6) Poor Unfortunate Wolf

7) Second Chance for the Alpha

8) Taming the Alpha Twins

9) Wolf's Den

10) Fated Mask (Not Part Of The Black River Pack World)

11) A Black River Pack Yule

12) My CEO Alpha (Book 1: Big City Wolves, Offshoot Series from the Black River Pack World)

13) The Rogue and The Rose

14) Ebony's Pack: Fated to the Ranger Wolves

15) In The Chains Of The Alpha (Book 2: Big City Wolves)

16) Wolves at the Lycan's Door

For book descriptions and where to find the books head on over to Klaira's 

Bookshelf Page.

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Billionaire, CEO, & Other Romance

1) Billionaire's Alternate Plan

2) Mommy, Please Give Daddy a Second Chance (was Cat Fight for the Billionaire Daddy)

3) Marrying My Ex for the Show

4) TBA sequel to Billionaire's Alternate Plan

For book descriptions and where to find the books head on over to Klaira's 

Bookshelf Page.

To keep up to date on everything. Sign up 

for the monthly mailing list and have the 

Black River Blog sent to your email.

"There is no such thing as a stupid question. So ask away. Just remember when you ask, I don't have to answer.  - Klaira Blains

"The only time you stop learning is the day you die. But even then, that's questionable. So, make the best of it. Go learn something and remember you're alive." - Klaira Blains, taught to her by her grandmother. Passed down from her great-grandmother.

Woodland Path

His Brother's Mate

Premiere Novel of the A Black River Pack Series

There's a war on the horizon, and no one is exempt from its ravaging claws.

A Black River Pack Yule

Holiday Short Story

Even monsters celebrate the holidays. Come revisit the Wolversens and see how the wolves of the Black River Pack celebrate the holidays and family.


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